Perfumes, flavors, exoticism


Participate in agricultural activities according to the seasons


Walks, excursions, discovery of fauna and flora


The charm of beautiful wooden chalets

Our approach

Madagui Agroforestry Project is part of a proactive approach to sustainable development, which brings us to combine economic and social development and forest preservation.
In order to achieve these 3 objectives, we seek to develop a moderate tourism which would allow to generate income and provide employment for the local population while raising awareness about the unique heritage that represents the forest of Madagui.
We also sell natural products collected from the jungle. For instance, the wild honey owes its existence to the presence of large trees of the primeval forest. In addition to its exceptional taste, it is a very symbolic product for the preservation of the environment.
On agricultural lands, we plant trees and develop the agriculture (fruit trees, cocoa, cashew). These actions enable us to rehabilitate these areas by providing jobs for people.

Enjoy Madagui area

Whether you need to escape from the bustling metropolis of Ho Chi Mihn City, want to experience the authentic Vietnam, far from the popular and tourist places or opt for a return to the nature often forgotten, Madagui is a destination of choice.
At a short distance from Cat Tien park, Madagui is a well known area for its forests. Staying there, you will easily discover the atmosphere of the Vietnamese jungle, but also the life on the plantations and in ethnic villages.
For a week end, get the opportunity to relax, get together with friends and discover the culinary specialties of the region. Madagui has a variety of accommodations and catering according to your desires and your budget.

Those exceptional products

Madagui and its surroundings have much to offer, indeed with a pleasant climate throughout the year, the area provides a breeding ground for tropical crops.
Settled in the region for many years for agricultural and forestry projects, we wanted to share our experience and make people discover local and natural products of high quality that we particularly appreciate.
The best way to taste these products is to come for a visit, nevertheless, for those who do not have this chance, you will find a selection of them in the e-commerce section of the website.